WIP Wednesday – Zombie Goth Mermaid

“Zombie Goth Mermaid – WIP, 4 December 2011” by Helen E. H. Madden

You might recognize this beautifully bizarre lady from this PerCaDraMo post. She’s one of the characters I drew by hand over Thanksgiving week. I thought she turned out so nicely, I decided to take her into Illustrator and see what I could do with her. So far, I’ve converted her into a Live Paint object and have been playing with color. Eventually, there will be brush strokes added, and maybe some fun text, like “Red sea at night, Mermaids delight…” We’ll see how this works out.

I’ve got other gothy, creepy-cool drawings in the works, and they will be making an appearance here as I put them together. Hubster has promised me an “art binge” weekend next week, meaning I’ll get to lock myself into the office and just go nuts putting together fun artwork for myself. I’m allowed to pull as many all-nighters as I want in 3-4 days, so I’m hoping to have some stuff put together for t-shirts and prints by the end of it. If there’s something you’ve seen on the site that you’re very in love with, let me know. I might be inclined to set that up for an art-binge weekend to make a nice, finished product you can have for yourself 😉

*****Don’t forget, the Cynical Woman Zazzle shop is open.*****

I’ve got a few products in there now, and obviously am planning on adding more as time goes by. Take a gander now though. I’ve got a couple holiday cards and postage available, plus t-shirts, a print, and other delightful items you can purchase. Remember, support your local Cynical Woman and help her conquer the world! RARRRRRRRR!!

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