Rats! Episode 74 – Those Darn Uniforms

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If there was one thing I hated wearing as a cadet, it was cross belts and overcoat. Especially if it was overtop the wool blouse (did we wear the overcoat overtop the wool blouse? Or am I just mis-remembering how tortured I was by the VTCC uniform?). It was like being in Storm Trooper armor, only not nearly as cool. In other words, I couldn’t lift my arms above my shoulders because I was so restricted by the uniform.

I still have the brass breastplate for the cross belts though, and probably a brass rat buckle too. I spent many an hour polishing those things, and I can assure you, wherever they are hidden in my closet now, they look like crap! That’s what happens when you don’t polish your brass over the course of twenty plus years ;D

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  1. Hey
    Gotta say I love the comic! And yes Overcoat with Cross-belts is as tedious and uncomfortable as you remember. Except now its only Band and Color Guard that will wear it, the rest of the corps doesnt. And they started fitting us with a set of belts specifically cut to go with overcoat.
    Dylan Boyle HT14

  2. Dylan,

    That’s nice! I hated wearing the crossbelts. They made the stiff collar on the wool blouse that much worse. Nice to see you guys get extra belts tailored to the overcoats. They should have been doing that all along!

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