PerCaDraMo Holiday Edition 02 – All Hand Drawn

The following cartoons were drawn at my in-laws house over Thanksgiving week. I used a Prismacolor brush pen with other Prismacolor fine point pens for cross-hatching in some cases, and Faber-Castell color brush pens for the illustration of the Empress. These were drawn on Canson Comic and Manga Drawing Pad paper, 9×12 inches. The Canson paper is fantastic, and the Prismacolor brush pen is by far my favorite inking pen. These were all done free hand, no pencilling before hand (as you can obviously tell in one drawing). In order, the drawings are…

Zombie Mermaid, the first one I drew at my in-laws and by far my favorite. I misplaced my Prismacolor brush pen half-way through and had to make due with a Faber-Castell brush pen, which is slightly larger, but I don’t think it hurt the final drawing.

Man in a Tentacle Top Hat. I like the idea of this one, but man do I need practice drawing profile views. His face and head are far too narrow for that hat.

Empress Olgadevy Grants Her Benediction. I don’t know exactly what inspired this, possibly the Ukranian style icons that are in my in-laws house. It has a very Ukranian/Russian feel to me. I also wanted to draw something without tentacles that day, as tentacles seem to show up a lot in these drawings.

The Original Doctor Octopus. I just started drawing this one, starting at the face, and ended up with a mad scientist pretty quickly. I had the brain in the case drawn, but no legs for this guy, when I decided to add the tentacles. I think I should have added something in the upper right corner, maybe a window or some such thing, but this came out okay. The brain case is based on a gumball machine we have in our house. Mmmmm, gumball braaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnssssss…

And that’s the last of the PerCaDraMo images I drew over the holidays. There’s one more cartoon I need to draw tonight to finish off the month. After which I will have 30 drawings, some very good, some very strange, and some… whatever. I’ll sum up my thoughts on this experiment tomorrow or Friday and let folks know what I think was the end result of all this. If you have thoughts on PerCaDraMo, be sure to let me know, either in the comments section of the blog, or by tweeting me (@Cynical_Woman) or you can send email via the contact link in the website menu above.

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