ACW Episode 140 – Mama’s Got a New Do!

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Oh yeah! Mama’s got a new do! It was high time, too. In spite of all the fabulous color in my hair, it was looking pretty sad. Yeah, I know, it was at least partly the bleaching that I did. But it was also partly the fact that I’ve hit my mid-forties, and my hormones have gone all wonky, and wouldn’t you know it, that affects my hair big time too.

So I went to my hairdresser and told her to lop a bunch of it off. I had recently been watching Farscape and had noticed how much I liked Chianna’s hair style, so I told her I wanted something similar to that. And yes, geek gal that I am, I did bring in a big pic of Chianna to show my hairdresser exactly what I meant. She didn’t even bat an eye.

What she did do was say, “No, I’m just going to do whatever I do,” and then she sat me down in the chair and started cutting. This ended up working out pretty well. She took off a good four inches, cutting based on how my hair curls, waves, and lies on my head. When she was done, there was this huge pile of pink, purple and blue hair on the floor. It looked like someone had shaved a punk version of Lassie. But that was okay, because I was left with a light, breezy look that I am now thoroughly enjoying.

Apparently this was such a drastic change that Pixie did not recognize me at all when I went to pick her up at school. This despite the fact that I am the only parent who shows up with pink, purple and blue hair. But she finally accepted the change and went home with me, so I guess we’re okay.

Now onto other, important news…

We have a Steampunk section in the Zazzle store!!!!!

Yessirree! I finally finished the steampunk themed artwork I’ve been slaving over all month and posted it in the Zazzle store. It was so good, I made it into Christmas cards, prints, stamps, a t-shirt and more! Plus all the other stuff is there too, including my Zombie Santa card! So pop on over and take a look. Zazzle offers sale codes on a regular basis, just look at the top of the page and you’ll see what the current special is. Support your local Cynical Woman and help her conquer the world of merchandising! Yay!

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  1. It least Pixie followed her stranger danger instruction.

  2. Vince, yes, her sensei will be very proud of her. And not be surprised that she didn’t recognize me. ;P

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