I’m in the Myths & Magic anthology and Nerdvana!

I just got a box with my author copies of Myths and Magic: Legends of Love, from Dreamspinner Press. This includes my story “The Sower and the Reaper.” I just have to say, the time I submitted my story to the time I got paid and got my author copies was less than three months. I have NEVER seen a publisher move so smoothly or so fast. I’m very happy with how the book turned out. See how happy I am?

Okay, I look a little bleary, but that’s because I have a virus-thingy right now. On the inside, I am very, very happy!

Myths and Magic is available in ebook and print paperback. Get your copy today!

Aaaaaand while I’m on the subject of anthologies, I’ve got an interview up at Fred Towers’ blog. Fred is the editor of Nerdvana, a gay erotica anthology about smart guys and the guys who love them. My story “Bully on the Playground” is in this anthology. Visit Fred’s blog here! Nerdvana is available in paperback and in Kindle format at Amazon.com

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