Rats! Episode 39 – Ah, refreshments

After having been such a downer last week, ranting about the ills of alcohol and under-aged drinking, I must confess this week that I did end up at some parties I never should have been at. I still say, “Don’t drink!” But hey, I’m not completely innocent in that department myself. Not that I ever drank before the age of 21, but like I said, I went to some rather… interesting parties.

Not much major going on this week, except for getting ready for the March To Keep Fear Alive! I don’t know how many folks from Virginia Tech plan to head up to DC on 30 October, but me and mine will certainly be there. If you go up there, be on the look out for a woman with horns, demon wings, and a killer smile. No seriously, my smile has caused people to die in fright. Aaaaaaand, I’ll also be wearing my “Fear Me!” t-shirt, which you can also buy from Zazzle.com. Profits from the shirt sales go straight to DonorsChoose.org. So if you’re a strong, scary woman or if you know a strong, scary woman, buy a shirt and do something good while you’re at it.

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