Spooky art for Halloween

I’ve been doing a bit more art lately, mostly just doodles in various notebooks, but some have turned out very interesting.



Basically, all I’m doing is grabbing a cheap sketch pad and a brush pen and just drawing freehand with no real plan. I like the quality of line I get with the brush pen, and I like not using a pencil because it forces me to draw without wasting time on mistakes. If I screw up a line, then I just have to work it into the sketch. That’s what happened with the Demoness, thus the bandages around her throat. It worked out pretty well, I thought!

I’ve been thinking about doing more stuff like this – no pencil, just draw and go. I’ve got another image I’ll scan in for later this week, done with color markers no less! Not lots of color, but enough to make it pop, I think. And it’s spooky too.

Anyway, enjoy the artwork. Hopefully I will get some time to paint these in Photoshop and then show them off again.

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