Published! Hanuman’s Gift by Helen E. H. Madden

For those of you who are fans of steampunk, horror, evil rabid zombie monkeys, or all three, my story “Hanuman’s Gift” is now available for sale through Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and Smashwords. It is for sale for 99 cents at each venue, so don’t hesitate to grab your favorite format and load it into the e-reader of your choice!


Deep in the Archives, Augustus Whitby toils through his duties in the , dreaming up romantic stories far more plausible than the supposed “investigations” of the field agents. A story from Agent Harrison Thorne and an unassuming artifact from his recent case, however, proves much to Whitby’s chagrin that there are some truths that are far stranger than fiction.

Tales from the Archives are short stories set in the world of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. They explore events mentioned in the novels, characters seen and unseen and may include novel teasers of things to come.

The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences is the delightful creation of Philippa Ballentine and Tee Morris.  You can find the other stories in the Tales from the Archives collection here, including stories by Nathan Lowell, Phil Rossi, P. C. Haring, Starla Hutchon and other fantastic authors.  And be sure to get a copy of Phoenix Rising, the first novel in the MOPO series by Pip and Tee!

Buy “Metamorphosis” for charity!


My story “Metamorphosis” is on now available from Freya’s Bower in ebook format , including Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, and Epub. Proceeds from sales of this story go to charity! Here are the details…


Erin, a young woman caught between her parents’ expectations and her own wants and needs, feels nothing in her life is going right and fears disappointing the people she loves the most. But now it’s time for her to be “cocooned,” to enter a dream state that will reveal the truth about who she really is and the life she’s meant to live. Dare she risk finding out? And will anyone, including Erin, be happy with what she learns?

This is part of the anthology Dreams & Desires v. 4. All net proceeds from the sales of this story individually or in the anthology benefit A Window Between Worlds, a non-profit organization that provides art supplies and training for art as a healing tool free of charge to battered women’s shelters.


So there you have it! This story originally ran as part of the Heat Flash Erotica Podcast. If you are a regular listener of Heat Flash, you’ll definitely want to read this. You can also buy the complete collection of Dreams & Desires v. 4 at Freya’s Bower.

“Let Me Sleep” free podcast story is up!

I was invited by the amazing Philippa Ballantine to participate in “Chronicles of the Order,” a podcast short story collection based on her newest novel, Geist, published by Ace. Geist is the story of a fantastic world where ghosts and spirits are very really and do serious harm, and only members of the Order stand between them and the mortal they seek to destroy.

As you can imagine, I jumped at the chance to write something for Philippa and so I put together a lovely little horror story about murder, revenge, an abusive lover, and a desperate widow. The tale, “Let Me Sleep,” is free to download here. Be sure to listen to the other episodes as well! These stories are great!

I’m in the Myths & Magic anthology and Nerdvana!

I just got a box with my author copies of Myths and Magic: Legends of Love, from Dreamspinner Press. This includes my story “The Sower and the Reaper.” I just have to say, the time I submitted my story to the time I got paid and got my author copies was less than three months. I have NEVER seen a publisher move so smoothly or so fast. I’m very happy with how the book turned out. See how happy I am?

Okay, I look a little bleary, but that’s because I have a virus-thingy right now. On the inside, I am very, very happy!

Myths and Magic is available in ebook and print paperback. Get your copy today!

Aaaaaand while I’m on the subject of anthologies, I’ve got an interview up at Fred Towers’ blog. Fred is the editor of Nerdvana, a gay erotica anthology about smart guys and the guys who love them. My story “Bully on the Playground” is in this anthology. Visit Fred’s blog here! Nerdvana is available in paperback and in Kindle format at

Myths and Magic: Legends of Love Anthology – out now!

Dreamspinner Press’ Myths and Magic: Legends of Love Anthology is out now, and includes my short story “The Sower and the Reaper.” This is an M/M anthology of myths, fairy tales and legends, and one I’m very pleased to have gotten into. “The Sower and the Reaper” is a sci-fi take on the Iroquois myth of the corn god, a tale that looks at the price of sacrifice and the rewards. Visit Dreamspinner Press’ website to find out more, and visit the blog today to read excerpts and posts from some of the authors.

Excerpt from “The Sower and the Reaper”

The boy came in through the swinging doors of the bar, his eyes darting around the dimly lit room. They were dark eyes, hollow and hungry, desperately searching for a spark of hope. Ozzie knew right away who the boy was looking for, and he drew back into the shadows, hoping to stay hidden. He wasn’t up to performing miracles today, certainly not at this hour of the morning.

But the boy was obviously determined and on a hunt. He took a few steps into the smoky room, straightened his shoulders, and called out.

“My name is Hosa, from the Red Sky clan. I’m looking for a God. Is there one in here?”

A few of the patrons in the bar muttered to themselves. Those nearest to Ozzie glanced in his direction, but said nothing. The boy waited, then spoke again.

“I said I’m looking for God. I’m on a holy mission. My people need him. Is he here?”

Ozzie winced. Holy mission. He hated those words. It always meant the same thing to him-work.

“Which God you lookin’ for?” a grizzled old drunk called out. That was Saul, who almost never cracked open his lips when he was drinking unless it was to pour more rotgut down his throat. He and Ozzie went way back, almost to the beginning of the colony. That meant Saul knew the rules just about as well as Ozzie did, and he expected them to be followed.

The boy’s eyes locked onto the old man. “The Sower. The Green Man. The One Who Provides.”

Saul shot a bleary look toward the corner where Ozzie hid. “He’s over there,” the old man grumbled.

Ozzie blew out a heavy sigh and leaned forward, finally showing his face. As the boy marched over to him, Ozzie raised a hand to Brewster, the barkeep, who nodded and poured a couple of beers.

“Are you a God?” the boy asked, coming to a halt before the scarred table where Ozzie sat.

“And a fine good morning to you too, young man. What’d you say your name was? Whosit?”

“Hosa.” The boy glared at Ozzie, taking in his rumpled appearance and stubbly chin. “You don’t look like a God.”

Ozzie shrugged. “You don’t look like a little raven, but that’s what you’re called.”

Brewster showed up with two beers. He set them on the table in front of Ozzie.

“Yours is on the house,” he told him. Then he pointed to the boy. “But this one’s got to pay.”

“I’m on a holy mission,” the boy said with a sneer. “No food, no drink. Certainly not this piss-water.”

Brewster cracked his knuckles. “I don’t give a damn what kind of mission you’re on, boy. You show some respect here, to me and to him.” He hooked a thumb at Ozzie. “Most especially to him.”

“Brewster.” Ozzie held up a hand. “It’s okay. Like the kid said, he’s on a holy mission. No food, no drink for how many days? Bound to make him cranky.”

“Don’t give a damn. You don’t come in here looking for a God and then piss in his face,” Brewster muttered, but he walked away when Ozzie waved him off.

Ozzie picked up his beer and leaned back. He pushed out the chair opposite him with his foot.

“Take a load off, kid. Tell me about this holy mission of yours.”

“Don’t you know?” the boy said, sneering. “You’re a God, right? You’re supposed to know everything that goes on.”

“I’ve been pretty busy lately. Enlighten me.”

Hosa grimaced. “My people are the Red Sky clan. Our settlement’s about three days’ hike from here. We got hit by that big meteor storm a couple weeks back. Wiped out all our crops. If we don’t get a miracle quick, we’re gonna starve this winter.”

Ozzie took a long, hard look at the boy. His eyes weren’t the only thing that looked hollow and desperate, he realized. The boy’s long, dark hair framed a face that was too thin for one so young. And his clothing-a worn farmer’s shirt and dull grey breeches-hung on his narrow frame, turning him into a scarecrow. Ritual fasting hadn’t made him that skinny. Not in the last few days, anyway.

“Looks to me like your people might have been starving already,” Ozzie said, taking a sip of his beer.

The boy looked away. “Harvest hasn’t been good the last few years. Drought, disease, early frost….”

“Plus I hear your chief blew more than half your clan’s allotment of seed at a poker game last season. That certainly couldn’t have helped matters.”

A storm of anger clouded over the boy’s face. “He was stupid. He gambled with what wasn’t his to give. Now we’re all paying for it.”

“You especially,” Ozzie replied. “You know my services don’t come free.”

“I don’t have any money-” the boy began.

“Don’t play stupid with me, kid. I’m a God, remember. I get my drinks for free. You really gonna pretend I’m talking about money?”

The answer to that was a long time coming. The boy sat and stared at the scarred surface of the table. Ozzie finished off his beer and stared at the remaining untouched drink. He was about to reach for it and polish that off too, when the boy finally spoke.

“I heard the rumors.”

“Not rumors. Gospel. Truth. You want something from me? I need something from you. Assuming you’re of age. The rules are very clear on that point. I wouldn’t want you to gamble away what isn’t yours to give, namely consent.”

“Of course I’m of age!” the boy shot back. “I told you, I’m on a holy mission! I’m a warrior for my people.”

Ozzie snorted. “You mean you’re on a dream quest?” He sighed and rubbed his face. “I should’ve known. Coming of age ritual. That puts you right at the line of legal. I guess you’re old enough then. But I should warn you. You ain’t gonna get much sleep on this dream quest of yours. A God needs worship and prayers to make miracles happen. And given the state I’m in right now, I’m gonna need every bit of worship you can give.”

A crimson flush crept up the boy’s neck and spread right up to his hairline.

“So… when… I mean, how…?”

“Relax, kid. We’re not gonna do it here in the bar. We’ll work out the details on the way back to your clan.”

Ozzie picked up the second beer and drained it in one long swallow.

“Brewster? Get us a meal, and then pack up some provisions for a three-day hike. Enough for three.”

“Three?” Hosa exclaimed. “Who else is coming?”

“Me,” Saul said. He stood up slowly, his aged joints popping with the effort. “I’m coming too.”

“What the hell for?” Hosa demanded with a sneer. “You a God too, old man?”

“Nope. I’m his high priest.” Saul wiped his mouth on his sleeve and pointed at Ozzie. “Wherever he goes, I go. It’s the rules.”

Hosa looked back at Ozzie, who shrugged. Saul knew the rules, all right. He’d been around long enough.

“Metamorphosis” to be published for charity!

I just got the official word that my short story, “Metamorphosis,” will be published by Freya’s Bower in volume 4 of their Dreams & Desires charity anthologies. All net proceeds for this anthology will be donated to the A Window Between Worlds art therapy programs for battered women shelters. In addition to being published as part of the anthology, the story will be available for sale on its own, again with the proceeds going to charity. Here’s the cover art for the individual story.

Special thanks to Posh Gosh Designs for the fantastic cover art and to Marci Baun over at Freya’s Bower for publishing the story. You guys have been fantastic to work with. The story and the anthology should be available in February.

Writing Wednesday – “Afternoon of a Faun” available at All Romance eBooks

Afternoon of a Faun, a m/m erotica short story I wrote for Coming Together: Al Fresco, is available as a single story at All Romance eBooks for just 69 cents! Coming Together has recently begun re-publishing the original anthologies as well as individual short stories and new material. The proceeds from these stories and books/ebooks go to various charities. Proceeds for Afternoon of a Faun will go to Conservation International.  Afternoon of a Faun is a “delightful tale (tail?) of empowerment and revenge featuring a mythical beast with an insatiable appetite.”  You can buy Afternoon of a Faun here.

Nerdvana is Out!

I don’t have the official press release yet, but the m/m erotica anthology Nerdvana is out and available on!  Yours truly has a short story in it entitled, “Bully on the Playground.”  This is one of my more hardcore stories (and it’s never been published anywhere else!), so if that’s what you’re looking for, go get it!

And yes, I do think the guy on the cover looks like a naughty cross between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter };D

Wired Hard 4 is out!

Wired Hard 4: Erotica for a Gay Universe is out from Circlet Press!  My short story, When the Angels Fall, is in this one.  If you’re looking for really good sci-fi m/m erotica, then pick this book up now!  You can get it just about every e-book format, from just about every e-book outlet available, with the Kindle version from coming soon.   Get more details here: Wired Hard 4 at

Latest releases – Mundania e-books are now on sale!

Last month, I podcasted four unusual stories for the Heat Flash Erotica Podcast. These were the Mundania stories, the only stories ever to appear on Heat Flash that were not science fiction, fantasy, or horror. Yes, I actually wrote four, count them, FOUR contemporary erotica stories, and they were just released for sale today in e-book format from Logical Lust Publications.

You can buy the stories here at Logical Lust, either individually for $1.99 or the entire set of four for $4.99. Not sure if you want to buy these lovely, lusty, scorching tales? Then listen to them here first on the Heat Flash Erotica Podcast! The stories are:

A Man in a Kilt – Jimmy’s a rough and tumble Scotsman who thinks he can handle any woman. Then he meets Nan, a friendly domme who teaches him otherwise… (Fem domme; BDSM)

Rapacious Mrs. Horner – Diane Horner is a forty-something divorcee with a serious addiction to gay porn and painful broken heart. When her son’s best friend comes onto her, what will she turn him away or eat him alive? (F/m; older woman/younger man)

Diablo – Spoiled rich kid Randall wants one thing and one thing only – Pony Boy, the hired hand at Polk’s Stables, down on his knees and ready to please. When Pony Boy refuses to be tamed, will Randall break him instead? (M/m; warning – scorching hot m/m erotica but also controversial)

A Room with a View – With the economy in the toilet, Darcy Daniels has lost her job, her car, her apartment, and now her pride as she’s forced to move back in with her parents. Then she discovers her old bedroom window looks right into the window of the boy next door. Is he watching her at night? Is she going to watch him? And if their fathers hate each other, do they even have a chance at getting together? (Older woman/younger man; voyeurism; sex toys; even a touch of romance in this one!)

A note about these stories: if you’re looking for humor, definitely check out A Man in a Kilt and A Room with a View. If you like your erotica edgy and dangers, then go for broke with Rapacious Mrs. Horner and Diablo. And remember, you can also get all four books together in one collection, and listen to them on the Heat Flash Erotica Podcast before you buy!