Sunday Contentments – Faaaaaaaaaarpoint

Wow am I beat. I got back from the Farpoint science fiction convention a couple hours ago, and am now quietly unwinding in front of the TV while the kids watch the Olympics and chow down on marshmallow lollipops. I had such a busy weekend, I’m about to fall asleep while blogging, so I’ll try to keep this short. What I loved about Farpoint this weekend…

  • Getting to see friends I would never get to see otherwise.
  • Getting to see friends I haven’t seen since college, including people who were at my wedding 16 years ago..
  • Being a professional writer for a weekend. Yes, I’m a professional writer all the time, but nothing makes me feel more like a writer than attending a con, running panels, selling books, and doing readings. I put the “stay” in stay-at-home mom, so getting out like this is a big deal.
  • Did I mention seeing my friends? I have many cool friends; very cool, very strange friends.
  • Shopping for a corset. I had not planned to buy a corset, but I found one in a black and red flame print and that was all she wrote. I’ll be wearing it for readings from here on out.
  • Selling books. I sold the last 3 copies of Future Perfect that I had this weekend. It amazes me that I’ll need to get more copies before I hit Balticon in May.
  • Doing panels on erotica and speculative fiction. I like being the recognized expert on something.
  • Having my friends show up for my panels. Did I mention I love my friends?

All in all, it was a great weekend. I’ll do a full after-con report for this Writing Wednesday. But now, I’m going to…