Sunday Contentments – Faaaaaaaaaarpoint

Wow am I beat. I got back from the Farpoint science fiction convention a couple hours ago, and am now quietly unwinding in front of the TV while the kids watch the Olympics and chow down on marshmallow lollipops. I had such a busy weekend, I’m about to fall asleep while blogging, so I’ll try to keep this short. What I loved about Farpoint this weekend…

  • Getting to see friends I would never get to see otherwise.
  • Getting to see friends I haven’t seen since college, including people who were at my wedding 16 years ago..
  • Being a professional writer for a weekend. Yes, I’m a professional writer all the time, but nothing makes me feel more like a writer than attending a con, running panels, selling books, and doing readings. I put the “stay” in stay-at-home mom, so getting out like this is a big deal.
  • Did I mention seeing my friends? I have many cool friends; very cool, very strange friends.
  • Shopping for a corset. I had not planned to buy a corset, but I found one in a black and red flame print and that was all she wrote. I’ll be wearing it for readings from here on out.
  • Selling books. I sold the last 3 copies of Future Perfect that I had this weekend. It amazes me that I’ll need to get more copies before I hit Balticon in May.
  • Doing panels on erotica and speculative fiction. I like being the recognized expert on something.
  • Having my friends show up for my panels. Did I mention I love my friends?

All in all, it was a great weekend. I’ll do a full after-con report for this Writing Wednesday. But now, I’m going to…


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  1. Glad you had a great time, Helen. Get some rest. My time is coming up in couple weeks at Shevacon.

  2. It was fantastic getting to spend as much time with you as I did. Looking forward to checking out the corset, it sounds beautiful!

  3. Sapphire,

    Have a good time at Shevacon! Wish I could make it but Farpoint has left me a little too fried. Let me know how your weekend goes!

  4. Viv,

    Ask Sci-Fi Laura about the corset. She apparently looked out the window of her hotel room and saw me trying it on, then raced down to check it out. She didn’t realize it was me trying on the corset, but she apparently was going to find me to let me know I had to get that corset for myself. We had a good laugh when she came up and finally realized I was the one being laced into it.

    I was so glad to see you and Chooch and everyone else! Sorry I missed seeing the syphilis guy in the bar. That would have been, uh, interesting! How did I miss seeing that guy the entire convention?!

    Take care and I’ll see you at Balticon!

  5. That’s the number one reason I keep going to Burningman — see all those friends I don’t see any other time, or any other place.

  6. Gar,

    And the reason I go many other places. There are people I would not see if I didn’t get out there and see them! It’s good to have friends, but the world is getting bigger every day it seems.

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