ACW Episode 210 – A failure to communicate

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So, this actually happened. I volunteered to plan a party for our Service Unit's leader appreciation meeting, and I decided the theme would be “Volunteers Are Heroes.” I spent weeks figuring out what to do for decorations, activities, party favors, food, etc. Then two weeks before, I went shopping for action figures to use as cake toppers and found out there is apparently no such thing as a female action figure. Major FAIL.

I've been in fandom a looooooooong time (about 30 years, in fact) and I'm familiar with how things work in the world of comicbook heroes. But honestly, the girls and I couldn't even find a Black Widow action figure, and last I saw, she was pretty popular these days thanks to the Avengers movie. So what gives?

On the upside, planning this party did rekindle my interest in comic books, a long neglected part of my geekdom, and I had the chance to spend plenty of time explaining to the girls about the different characters in comic books, especially the women characters. And this in turn led to me going into a local comic book store and starting up collecting again. Nothing major like I used to do. Pre-kids, I used to drop around $150 a month on comics. I can't afford that now. But I can afford a couple comics a month, and that includes some comics for the girls, who have become very interested in Cat Woman, Bat Girl, She-Hulk, and Wonder Woman. Too bad most of those titles aren't suitable for kids 12 and under (though we did find a Black Widow comic that was labelled as kid friendly, and Pixie snatched that right up!).

By the way, here's a quick look at some of the party decorations in progress. We ended up Photoshopping a picture of She-Hulk and putting her on the cake. It worked very well.

By the way, if you didn't see it already, Mich and I have started a new webcomic called Bitchcraft! The first episode is here. I'll be working to see if I can get this set up and running on every Friday, so keep coming back for more!


Episode 209 – HATS!!

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Whoops! I could have sworn I put this blog post together and scheduled it to go up yesterday. I know it was drawn and ready to go on Friday. Oh well, I guess it got overlooked in the pandemonium of getting ready to take Girl Scouts camping.

Anyhoo, here it is. I know I spend more time volunteering than I do on anything else, and it drives me crazy. And the Hubster is in the exact same boat. We love the volunteer work, but I feel like it's taking over too much of our lives at times. I'm hoping we find ways to balance things out a bit more. We'll see how successful we are at that in the future.


ACW Episode 204 – Oh great googley moogley, it’s finally over!

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My apologies for being late with this week's webcomic. You can see the reason why. The stomach bug hit everyone in our family last week, so when I wasn't busy being sick myself, I was busy taking care of everyone else who was sick. The Hubster can pretty much take care of himself, but I was up all night with each girl when they got sick, and I slept for almost two days straight when I got sick. The good news is that I finally finished our troop's cookie paperwork and so now I am all done with Girl Scout cookies. For this year anyway. Now if I can just avoid getting sick again…


ACW Episode 202 – Smile!

I am barely surviving cookie season. Our first weekend we had four booth sales out in the freezing cold. Princess couldn't feel her feet after four hours of selling cookies outside a Mexican restaurant. This past weekend I had to work on another three booth sales – two for Pixie's troop, one for Princess'. I write these posts a few days in advance so I'm just going to assume that I'm dead dog tired.

I apologize for not getting up the usual posts for “Rats!” on Wednesdays and for not having anything interesting to post on Fridays. I'm just too slammed with work for Girl Scouts to keep up with the usual schedule. That and the fact that I am still recovering from the ACL reconstruction have really taken a bite out of my productivity. I think next year I should just clear my calendar of everything except Girl Scouts and the webcomics.

We've got one more weekend of booth sales coming up. If I survive that, then I've got one more week to gather up all the paperwork and finish this cookie business off. Hopefully after that I'll get a couple days to recover and then I can get back to a more regular schedule.

We'll see.


ACW Ep 200 – That’s what I said!

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Yes, this was an actual conversation. While driving to Towson, MD, a couple weeks ago, I was having a discussion about the Hubster with NekoMich and was informed that I am not allowed to think about him being pantless while I'm driving on the beltway. Whatever. He's my man, I'll think about him however I dang well please.

I turned 44 on Saturday. Talk about a brutal weekend. I spent all of it working on Girl Scouts stuff. NekoMich and I spent all Friday evening into the wee hours of morning helping to unload and sort cookies for the service unit so troops could pick up their orders. Then on Saturday, I had to sort out my troop's orders so the girls could come get their cookies and deliver them. Then on Sunday I had to help sort out Princess' and Pixie's cookies so they could deliver their orders. Saturday evening, we were at a Girl Scout ice cream social, so I did get ice cream on m birthday, but I had to serve about 50 girls first, and handle permission slips, check-in fees, and clean up. And I'm still going through our troop's surplus boxes, trying to figure out why I have 21 extra boxes of thin mints. Before you ask, no I am not going to give them away! So don't even bug me about it!

It's Sunday night now and I'm dead on my feet. I have a feeling I am going to dream about Girl Scout cookies. I'd rather dream about the Hubster being pantless, but if I dream that, I'll probably also dream that I'm driving on the beltway at the same time, and NekoMich won't let me do that.

Nobody ever lets me have any fun 🙁


ACW Episode 185 – Lean on Me?

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Well, having an injured knee has certainly slowed me down in some ways. I am very reluctant to climb the extra set of stairs up to my office, which means I'm working entirely from my iPad and my laptop. It also means I can't scan anything in, since the scanner is in the office with the desktop.

BUT! This week's webcomic was done entirely on my iPad using Sketchclub to draw the individual panels and ComicStrip to assemble them into the final strip. And I gotta say, this one turned out just as good as any comic I've hand drawn and then colored in Adobe.

This week's comic also counts as 4 entries in PerCaDraMo, since each panel had to be individually drawn. (Yes, that is sort of cheating, but since it took me quite a bit of time to figure out how to make these 4 panels look so good, I'm declairing it 4 seperate entries. So there!)

Just to clarify, I injured my right knee while camping with Girl Scout volunteers, but drew it as the left knee since that looked better in the comic. I did get rid of my old crutches back in August during my manic garage cleaning fit, and I knew when I did it that a knee injury wiuld be coming soon thereafter. That's what always happens whenever I get rid of my crutches. In fact, it's happened 4 times now! You'd think I'd learn.

I had an MRI today. Most miserable medical experience I've had in a while. I'll know the results on Friday. It's possible I've torn something this time. If so, I'll be looking at surgery and more time on the couch. But ya know, I'm okay with that. I have recently discovered the joys of watching NCIS marathons on USA. They're fun to sit and draw to.

Tomorrow, something rather different for PerCaDraMo. Good night!


ACW Episode ?? – Oh, the horror!!

Personally, I think this is one of the best self portraits I've ever done.

I apologize for the lateness of this week's webcomic, and for the general lack of posts this week. Last weekend, I went camping with several volunteers for outdoor training with Girl Scouts. While participating in some adventure games, I hit an uneven patch of ground and my knee went “POP! POP!” And that was that. Yours truly went down like Moses in the fifth.

So this week, I'm hobbling around the house on crutches. I'm avoiding flights of stairs as much as I can, which means I'm not getting up to the office where my scanner is. So everything on the blog is going to be dne in the iPad for a while.

Anyway, about this week's webcomic. I love candy, especially chocolate. Especially peanut butter cups. In fact the only thing, I love more than peanut butter cups is very fancy dark chocolate. So every year at Halloween, the Hubster buys all this candy. And then he goes off trick-or-treating with the girls while I stay home with this big bowl of candy that I HAVE TO GIVE AWAY TO ANY YARD APE WHO SHOWS UP AT MY DOOR!!

So. Now I have a bum knee and no candy. Except for the stuff I managed to stash away before the trick-or-treaters showed up, and that stuff is all mine. Isn't that right, my precioussssssss…

Hopefully I'll be back to regular posting next week. Until I am, it's Personal Cartoon Drawing Month (better known as PerCaDraMo) again this month, which means I'm drawing cartoons every day, so those should show up here. Enjoy!