ACW Episode 185 – Lean on Me?

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Well, having an injured knee has certainly slowed me down in some ways. I am very reluctant to climb the extra set of stairs up to my office, which means I'm working entirely from my iPad and my laptop. It also means I can't scan anything in, since the scanner is in the office with the desktop.

BUT! This week's webcomic was done entirely on my iPad using Sketchclub to draw the individual panels and ComicStrip to assemble them into the final strip. And I gotta say, this one turned out just as good as any comic I've hand drawn and then colored in Adobe.

This week's comic also counts as 4 entries in PerCaDraMo, since each panel had to be individually drawn. (Yes, that is sort of cheating, but since it took me quite a bit of time to figure out how to make these 4 panels look so good, I'm declairing it 4 seperate entries. So there!)

Just to clarify, I injured my right knee while camping with Girl Scout volunteers, but drew it as the left knee since that looked better in the comic. I did get rid of my old crutches back in August during my manic garage cleaning fit, and I knew when I did it that a knee injury wiuld be coming soon thereafter. That's what always happens whenever I get rid of my crutches. In fact, it's happened 4 times now! You'd think I'd learn.

I had an MRI today. Most miserable medical experience I've had in a while. I'll know the results on Friday. It's possible I've torn something this time. If so, I'll be looking at surgery and more time on the couch. But ya know, I'm okay with that. I have recently discovered the joys of watching NCIS marathons on USA. They're fun to sit and draw to.

Tomorrow, something rather different for PerCaDraMo. Good night!


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  1. NCIS is great. Love watching my cousin… 😉
    I do hope your knee is okay and will require as little “repair” as possible!

  2. Dwight,

    You’ll see my knee repair at Marscon if you’re there. One long scar and two small ones, right on the knee. I’ll probably still be using the crutches and knee brace at that point, but I am doing much better. And yes, I watched a LOT of NCIS and your cousin over the last two months!

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