Bitchcraft! Episode 01 – Birth of a new horror!!


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It’s here! It’s finally here! A new webcomic!! Mich and I began thinking about this little project sometime shortly after Intervention last year. The idea really took hold of me shortly after I had my ACL reconstructed and I was on those really fun pain-killers!.  It’s taken months to get our characters put together, and I’ve spent the last couple weeks trying to figure out how I wanted to photograph and layout the actual comic, but here it is, the very first episode of Bitchcraft!

The little Mich character (in the loverly W&M sweater) was knitted by Mich, and I crocheted the mini-version of me. The hair matched my hair color when I started this hair project. It will change as time passes, don’t worry.

Just to let you know, this webcomic will not be like The Adventures of Cynical Woman. ACW has become more family oriented over the last couple of years, which is great because it’s an autobiographical webcomic and I do have a family (yes, I do!). But Bitchcraft! is meant to be very different. It will not be family friendly, so don’t read it to your kids. Instead, it will be evil. Very, very evil. Because that’s what I want it to be.

So enjoy the first episode. I will work hard to get the second one up next Friday. And yes, Rats! will eventually be returning. Now that I can walk again, I plan to get up to my office and start scanning in more strips. So lots of comics all around! Enjoy!

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