ACW Ep 200 – That’s what I said!

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Yes, this was an actual conversation. While driving to Towson, MD, a couple weeks ago, I was having a discussion about the Hubster with NekoMich and was informed that I am not allowed to think about him being pantless while I'm driving on the beltway. Whatever. He's my man, I'll think about him however I dang well please.

I turned 44 on Saturday. Talk about a brutal weekend. I spent all of it working on Girl Scouts stuff. NekoMich and I spent all Friday evening into the wee hours of morning helping to unload and sort cookies for the service unit so troops could pick up their orders. Then on Saturday, I had to sort out my troop's orders so the girls could come get their cookies and deliver them. Then on Sunday I had to help sort out Princess' and Pixie's cookies so they could deliver their orders. Saturday evening, we were at a Girl Scout ice cream social, so I did get ice cream on m birthday, but I had to serve about 50 girls first, and handle permission slips, check-in fees, and clean up. And I'm still going through our troop's surplus boxes, trying to figure out why I have 21 extra boxes of thin mints. Before you ask, no I am not going to give them away! So don't even bug me about it!

It's Sunday night now and I'm dead on my feet. I have a feeling I am going to dream about Girl Scout cookies. I'd rather dream about the Hubster being pantless, but if I dream that, I'll probably also dream that I'm driving on the beltway at the same time, and NekoMich won't let me do that.

Nobody ever lets me have any fun 🙁


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