November Drawing – Day 23, Spotty Dotty, Swirly Whirly Mermaidens!


Spotty Dotty Mermaiden!

It’s amazing what a spot of color can do!

I had fun with this one today. I got the tentacles colored in and then I decided to add spots, similar to the ones on the images of octopi that I looked at for my color references. I used Concepts airbrush tool to make the blue spots first. The airbrush tool gives a fuzzy faded edge to the stroke, which I liked. I just dabbed on the spots here and there, changing the stroke size as I went to get some variety. Then I went back with the filled stroke tool again and drew in the dark pinkish spots over the blue ones. That pink is actually the hot orange I’ve been using, but with the opacity set to about 35%. Everything else in the drawing is so crisp with flat colors, I wanted the spots to be a little different.

After working on this mermaid for a while, I switched back to work on this one…


Swirly whirly!

Still not finished with the hair yet!

No, I still havent finished her hair yet, but I have spent a lot of time on it. Each one of those dark red swirls is drawn by hand, all of them carefully fitted together to give the hair what I hope is a sense of motion.  I expect it’s going to be another couple of days before I get this hair done, and then I have to think about what I’m going to do with the dress//tentacles! I really haven’t thought about that one. I do want it to have some decoration, but I’m not sure I’ll have the energy left to do anything with the dress/tentacles after finishing the hair. I’ll figure something out, though. This is coming along too nicely for me to not give that dress/tentacles some love and affection 🙂

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