November Drawing – Day 22, More Mermaiden Colors!

Look at those colors!

Just keep coloring, just keep coloring…

Slowly but surely, inch by bloody inch, this piece is getting done. And that’s how it is with every piece of art – every drawing, every painting, every crochet project, every story, every novel… They all get done a little at a time until suddenly you’re done. And then you look around and go, “Now what?”

It’s the “Now what?” part that always gets me. I made a beautiful drawing. Now what do I do with it? Seriously, I need to do something with all this artwork, just like I need to do something with all the crochet I did last month, and all the polymer clay charms I did last summer. I know I could open an Etsy shop, or post stuff on Society 6 or Zazzle, but for some reason, I never get around to it. Maybe that should be January’s creative challenge. “Now what? Sell it!”

What do you think?

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