November Drawing – Day 20, Robots, Mermaids and Coloring Pages

Ta-daa! Patricia colored my beat up old robot not once, but twice! First, there’s this guy…


Wrong droid!

“But how do you KNOW you’re not the droid we’re looking for?”

And then there’s this guy!



It’s a robot on acid!

I can’t decide which one I like better. I do know that I love the extra bits of drawing that Patricia added, and now I want her to color ALL my drawings! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ahem… Anyhoo, I did more work today on the Victorian Mermaiden, not to be confused with tthe other mermaids I’ve been working on. How many mermaids did I start this month? And at least one other is still in progress, but she has soooooooo much hair! But this is the Victorian Mermaiden, all inked.


An inky mermaiden!

What lovely inks you have, my dear!

I love how the lines came out on this one. I used the snapping option and the arc tool in some places to draw parts of the tentacles. I love that I can easily switch back and forth between precision and free-hand drawing in Concepts. I plan to start coloring this one tomorrow.

I have another potential coloring page in the works, but I’m not ready to share it just yet. It’s going to be something a little more elaborate, but as soon as I have it ready, I’ll let you all know!

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