November Drawing – Day 18, Lovecraft Wine


Lovecraft Wine

Ta-daa! Lovecraft Wine! Soothing but creepy 🙂

Welp, there it is! Lovecraft Wine is done. I still need to export it in SVG format and do some final cleaning up, but this drawing is basically done.

One interesting note about the Concepts drawing app – the eraser tool actually acts more like a masking tool. It doesn’t make a difference until you export the drawing in SVG format, then open it in another program. The strokes of the eraser tool then show up as white marks on the image. It takes a bit of work to remove these marks because each mark in the image is a separate object in the SVG file, and that totals up to hundreds, even thousands, of objects.

But it’s not an impossible problem to fix. Concepts uses layers, and those layers remain in the exported SVG. By going through the separate layers, I can remove the white marks of the eraser more easily and then fix the vector objects that the white marks were covering in the first place. I’d say it’s about another week of work, but I think it’ll be work it!

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