October Crochet – Day 06, A Pale Pumpkin

Marmalade came and sat on me before I could grab the yarn I wanted to work with to finish the Day of the Dead skull I’ve been working on, so I grabbed the yarn that was in reach and make something else instead.


October Crochet 06

Jelly Bean poses with a pale pumpkin

I’ve made about a dozen pumpkins so far this season, but this is the first white one I’ve done this year. Somewhere in my yarn stash there are a dozen other white pumkins just like this one, attached to pale green bodies, just waiting for me to add button eyes and embroidered mouths. Maybe I’ll dig them out this week and finish them up for this month’s crochet frenzy. Then I’ll pose them with all the other pumpkins I’ve made along with the candy corns, gloomy corns and Day of the Dead skulls, and I’ll do a photo shoot! Because I honestly have no clue what else to do with these damn things. Seriously, I just started crocheting Halloween stuff last month and I can’t seem to stop.

I think I have a problem.

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