October Crochet – Post-Mortem

So this is what I did last month…


Look what I made!

October Crochet, in total.

That’s a lotta crochet. At the time, it didn’t seem like I was doing much, but there’s a lot of work in that one picture. This image doesn’t included everything – there’s still one ghost I need to finish. And a few of these projects aren’t quite done. The ghost and the one candy corn need mouths, and I need to finish off the spider web and the Nautilus shawls, weaving in the ends and doing a bit of sewing here and there to polish things off. But otherwise, I did a LOT last month.

You’ll notice, of course, that there are two tiny figures in there that weren’t done this month…


Tom and Enid!

Meet Tom and Enid!

The little pumpkin guy and the little skully girl were made a couple years ago when I first started crocheting. I call them Tom and Enid. They’re probably the first amigurumi I made without  a specific pattern to work from. I borrowed a bit here and there from a couple patterns, and then made up a few things on my own. That was the point when I fell head over heels in love with crochet.

One other thing I’m supposed to mention – the missing day from October Crochet. What happened that one day that I couldn’t do even a few stitches? Well, this happened…

Rita Wright

This is NOT crochet!

These are props from the Murder Mystery Party we held for our Girl Sout troop. I was very, very, veeeeeeeeeerrrrryyyyyy busy that day, finishing up props, cleaning the house, printing out scripts, and then pretending to be the director of the Rita Wright Museum for Girl Scouts.  We had a lot of fun. And then I passed out.

But that’s what kept me so busy I couldn’t get any crochet done that day. So now you know. And honestly, I did crochet 30 out of 31 days last month, so I think I did pretty good! 

October Crochet – Day 31, Double Death Spirals of DOOOOOOM!!!


Nautilus Shawls

This month just really spun out of control…

I did it. I finished the second Nautilus shawl. And most of it was done this evening while watching “Manos: Hands of Fate!” Terrible, terrible movie. Perfect for crocheting. Now I just need to sew up the ends a bit and stitch the two shawls together at the shoulder to make them into a PONCHO! Beause I never wear shawls. Unless I can turn them into ponchos.

It’s just after midnight right now. There are 8 girls downstairs in my living room, screaming and giggling and challenging each other to “Truth or Dare.” Before I came upstairs, I told them the truth – I would get really scary if they keep me up all night. And then I dared them to do it. The girls have promised they will quiet down in an hour. If not, I did set up a graveyard in front of the house.

I’m going to come up with a new challenge for November. I’ll announce it tomorrow. And I’ll explain what happened to the missing day of October Crochet. But for now, I’m going to curl up with a collection of Lovecraft stories and read myself to sleep. Or maybe strangulate a bunch of girls. I haven’t decided which yet.

Good night.

October Crochet – Day 30, Big Cat Wears Big Crochet


Mr. Big!

We call him Mr. Big…

I got the oportunity to spend a couple hours crocheting while watching “The Walking Dead” and this is the result – a Nautilus shawl big enough to cover our BIGGEST cat, Mr. Big!

Actually, his name is Hiccup, but we do call him Mr. Big because he’s twice the size of our other cats.

I’m going to keep working on this one. I’ve still got some work to do on the kids’ Halloween costumes, but hopefully I can get this done if I get up early tomorrow.

October Crochet – Day 29, All Spun Out


Crochet Web!

Oh what a tangled web I wove!

Well, I reached the end of the skein today. Only a few inches before completing the last round.

Dang it!

I think I will unravel the last round just a bit and make the unfinished portion the neckline. I will start on the second web on Halloween. For now, I’m going to focus on the Nautilus shawl.

If you look closely at the picture, you can see the costumes I’m sewing for the kids. One wants to be a Jedi. The other wants to be Kylo Ren. My kids never get along.

October Crochet – Day 27, Thank GLOB I’m Not a Spider


Huge freakin' crochet web

How much bigger can this thing get?!

The original plan for this project was to make two webs, each using a full skein of silver yarn, and then stitching them together to make a spider-web poncho. But the first skein of silver yarn I bought NEVER SEEMS TO END!!!

I think/hope/pray that I will get this half done tomorrow. I can still use that for Halloween. But I think it will take all of November for me to make the other half of this.

October Crochet – Day 24, What the %$*! Happened to Day 23?!


Two ghosts!

“Hey lady! Ya skipped a day!”

Don’t ask me what happened to Day 23 of this month-long crochet challenge. I won’t explain it today. I will explain it tomorrow, after I’ve had another couple glasses of wine and had some time to recover my house. What happened to Day 23 is simply… too horrifying to discuss at the moment. There were just SO MANY GIRL SCOUTS!!!

I need more wine.

October Crochet – Day 22, Brain-Dead and Making Ghosts


Ghost hat cat?!

Little Boo asks, “Is dat my baby bwuddah, or a hat for a cat?”

Today was another “burn-out-my-brain-cells” day, thus the switch to making a simple ghost instead of the spider web poncho. I swear, if I had known how brutal this month was going to be, I would have thought twice about doing a crochet challenge this month. And taking Girl Scouts to the archery range. And throwing a mystery party for the troop. And volunteering for the school fall flower sale. And volunteering for the teacher luncheon. And volunteering to drive members of the cross country team to races. And agreeding to sew 3 costumes for 2 girls…

I am soooooooooo tired. I may be a ghost myself before the month is out!