October Crochet – Day 02, Indiana Jones and the Crochet Skull

So, funny but true story. I lost my skull.

Before you panic, or die of laughter, I’m talking about a crochet skull, one I made last month. After I really got going with the whole crochet pumpkins thing, I decided to branch out into other spooky items, and skulls seemed a good idea to me. But I didn’t want a tiny skull, I wanted something bigger. So I dug out some Lion Brand chunky wool/acrylic yarn from my stash and got to stitching. And man, did I make a HUGE skull!

But then I lost it. I took the skull with me back to the stash too look for coordinating colors, because I wanted this to be a Day of the Dead skull. And at some point, I put it down, and it disappeared into my stash, and then I sort of forgot about it as I went to work on making some Gloomy Corns (because my mind jumps around like that).

Yesterday, I realized I needed to finish the giant skull, but I had no idea where it was! And that sort of surprised me, because you’d think even I couldn’t misplace something that big. I mean, this skull is bigger than my actual head!

Fortunately, I found it this morning after searching through my yarn stash again. I had apparently dropped it in a bag of unfinished projects (and yes, it’s big bag because I have a lot of unfinished projects). So I grabbed my skull and the coordinating yarns I had picked out and off and on throughout today, I worked on crocheting some big flowers to use for its eyes.

To make my funny story a little funnier, I just happened to finish making these flowers while watching Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull with Hubster and the kids. So now I want to crochet a big alien skull to go with the Day of the Dead skull I’m working on. We’ll have to see if I actually get that one done.

Anyway, here is The Crochet Skull of Dooooooooooom…


Crochet Skull of Dooooooooom!

It’s a verra big skull!

As you can see, it’s almost as big as Marmalade, our orange tabby. I still need to stitch up the nose, the teeth, and add a few more decorations, so this project is going to take a couple more days. But I’m hoping to have it finished by Tuesday night at the latest.


Cat and skull

Jelly Bean ponders my latest creation.

By the way, this is the usual scene when I crochet. One cat in my lap, one cat on the back of the couch, yarn everywhere. It’s very cozy.  And that skull is very cozy too, and cushy. I can’t wait until it’s done. I plan to cuddle up with that sucker and take a nice long nap. You can’t do that with a crystal skull! 

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