ACW Episode 193 – We made a pact!

Mich and I made a pact to go to the Y together. We made this pact about a year ago, and we've stuck to it off and on as our schedules have permitted, but when I screwed up my ACL, we both stopped going to the Y for a while. When the doctore finally gave me the go ahead to get back in the pool, I still wasn't ready to drive yet, so Mich offered to pick me up at 5:30am on her way to the Y. The result? We've both been going regularly to the Y for the last 3 weeks. And we both have the above conversation every night before. And I'm oretty sure we both have the same thought as soon as we've agreed we're going.

Then we have another conversation first thing in the morning when we wake up. I tweet Mich to let her know that I'm up and getting ready. She tweets back that she's doing the same. By the time I'm dressed and have eaten, Mich is in my driveway and off we go!

We spend between 45 minutes to an hour in the pool doing deep water aerobics. Then we head back to my place for what I fondly refer to as “Second Breakfast” and then I get changed for physical therapy and Mich drives me to that as well. After an hour and a half of grueling physical therapy, she brings me home and then I turn into a vegetable because lets face it, I've had two and a half hours of very intense physical activity for someone who's still hobbling around on crutches.

Anyway, by the tome you read this, I'm probably already at the vegetable-on-the-couch-state. And I intend to stay there for as long as I can.


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