ACW Episode 192 – The Return of Move It Mama Monday?

Depending on when you are reading this today, I may be at physical therapy having this very same conversation! This particular exercise is the bane of my existence right now. NekoMich, who has been kind enough to take me to physical therapy several mornings, thinks I make the funniest faces as I try to roll myself around the room, using only my right (injured) leg. I can't do it yet. I still have to pull with the left leg as well. But hopefully I'm improving.

And since I'm injured, and since I'm doing physical therapy, and since the new year is coming up, and since I put on a little extra weight after screwing up my right knee, I'm toying with the idea of bringing back Move It Mama Monday. I don't know how I'll change the rest of the blogging schedule yet. I plan to get back to a 3-day schedule once the kids go back to school. We'll see how it goes.

So anyway, think of me today, dragging my sorry ass along in a rolling chair using only my injured knee and try not to laugh too hard. You might hurt yourself. Or I will, if I hear you laughing at me.


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  1. I would NEVER laugh at you. At least, not while you could hear me. 🙂

    Hope you make it around the course today quicker than a three legged turtle.

  2. Uncle Monster,

    I did indeed move faster on Monday, but not by much. Dragging myself around by one leg is a pain in the assets!

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