Flashback Friday! B5 Toons


I posted the finished B5 cartoon a couple years ago.  Just last week I found the original sketch. The character in the lower left is my version of Scully from the S-Files. Delen is in the middle, obviously having a bad hair day, and I have no idea who that sinister employee from Mickey D’s is supposed to be. Why I drew that guy, I’ll never know. He vaguely reminds me of cartoons I’ve done of the Hubster, but the Hubster worked at Burger King, not McDonald’s, when he was in school, and I worked at Hardee’s. So, who knows! But I do like the B5 sketch. It’s one of my favorite cartoons.

I’m at Balticon this weekend, mostly likely doing panels on web comics, writing, erotica, new media and podcasting, digital art, and whatever else is on my schedule. Check the program book and look for a blue-haired woman with horns!

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