Random Cartoon! Hair we are on Babylon 5

The Adventures of Cynical Woman is far from being my first cartoon. I think I’ve been cartooning as long as I can remember. I drew comics for the Collegiate Times at Virginia Tech for four years! I drew several comics on my own, to sell and give away to friends. I’ve always cartooned, I tell you. Then yesterday, while flipping through some old sketch books, I found this cartoon, which for some reason I never showed off anywhere – not online, not in a college newspaper, etc. I still think it’s hysterically funny, but then I was a dyed in the wool Babylon 5 geek 😉

Again, hysterically funny if you’re a B5 geek. If not, I have no idea what you’ll think of it.

Maybe I’ll dig out more old cartoons and start posting them here…

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  1. My favourite show, even more than Buffy, and (so far) the only one that I’ve attended a convention for! Peter Jurasik (Londo) is not only a wonderful actor, but also a very funny guy. There was this script that he and the late Andreas Katsulas (G’Kar) read, in character, where G’Kar changed gender and fell in love with Londo… 😉

  2. Steveh11, I loved both those guys! And I think I’ve seen the bit you’re talking about, or else heard Andre Katsulas talk about it at a convention. B5 always had some of the best blooper and practical joke reels I’ve ever seen 😉

  3. I remember that episode where Delenn first got hair. Makes the cartoon even more humorous IMO.

  4. Gar,

    I think that’s what inspired this cartoon. I clearly recall Delenn standing there in her nightgown, yanking at her hair, going, “But this?! This! This!” and talking about how she can’t tame it. I loved that episode!

  5. I Love B5, thanks for keep B5 alive! jejejejeje and yes when Deleen have the hair like that makes the cartoon funnier! jajajaja jajaja nice to see geeks!

  6. Williams, glad you enjoyed it!

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