Flashback Friday! Weird Alien Vampire Dog-Thingy

Not really sure why I drew this. For some reason, when I look at this, I think of that one episode of Star Trek where Kirk gets split into two people during a transporter accident. There was this weird green dog, which I think had a horn, that was also split into two while everyone was trying to figure out what happened to Kirk, so maybe that was the original inspiration for this. I do know it was definitely supposed to be a dog of some kind, very sheep-doggish in nature, but also alien. But that’s all I can tell you.

And look at how yellow that paper is! For once, I didn’t bother to color correct the image before putting it up, just so you could see that this really is from an old, old sketch book of mine.

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  1. I get a mammalian sleestak vibe…

  2. Paul, I dunno. I did this whole series of weird alien creatures in that particular sketchbook. It could be the sleestak’s dog, but I don’t really recall. There are a few more that are coming up, all in the same vein. No idea what sort of meds I took in my early teen years.

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