Rats! Episode 79 – There are Classes and Then There are Classes

I believe I actually sat down with a course schedule catalog and found all these courses listed in it. I couldn’t believe there was a wine tasting class, but then Virginia Tech does offer majors in the Hospitality and Restaurant business. I never took any of these classes. My one easy A class turned out to be Japanese, which I only took because somehow, inspite of the Professional Military Requirements classes I had added on top of the requirements for my major, I hit my senior year with only 9 credit hours per semester of requirements to fill. Since I was a member of the Virginia Tech Animation Society (VTAS), I decided to take Japanese on the off chance I might someday be able to understand what the hell was going on in all those animated movies I was watching every Thursday night.

Ah, I miss those days when my biggest worry was whether or not I made it to my weekly movie night on time to get a good seat…

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  1. I’ve always wanted to take the wine tasting class, but I have no room 🙁
    I am taking a beer brewing class this semester though. Close enough.

  2. CorpsChick, good for you! The closest I got to a “fun” class was that year of Japanese. Everything else was work, work, work!

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