ACW Episode 147 – The Difference Between Soft and Hard

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I was sooooooooo tired before, during and after Marscon. I was up late Thursday night getting ready, then up late Friday and Saturday night doing panels, and then there was this damned room party right across from our room that kept spilling out into the hall. You know a party is a real classy event when the people have moved to the hallway because they’re waiting for someone to clean up the puke in the room.

Anyway, mid-way through Saturday, while Mich and I were sitting at my table in the artist/author alley, she reached over and tweaked one of my horns, then declared, “They’re soft!” It all seemed so… weirdly sexual, like I had somehow forgotten to take my “Viagra for Devil Horns” and been caught wanting in the hardness department. So I filed the idea away for later to make into a cartoon.

Speaking of tired, did you notice the very obvious mistake in the cartoon above? I drew this right after getting back from Marscon, thus my “boo-boo.”

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  1. Ha! I didn’t see it the first time through. Just shows you actually draw all of each panel instead of copying or tracing repeated elements.

  2. R. Taylor,

    I prefer to draw the comics by hand, so tracing each panel would be more of a pain in the butt than drawing each panel from scratch. I could do it digitally, but over the last couple years, I’ve found it’s just easier and quicker to draw the comic by hand, even with all the copy and paste options the digital method would give me.

    Thank you for the comment!

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