Something New! Sketch Card Art

I’ve recently started doing some sketch card art. While at Marscon this past weekend, I met a couple of sketch card artists, Becka Shols and Gina Canady, people who actually draw original trading cards for companies like Topps, and had a wonderful discussion with them about the joys of drawing in such a small format. These cards are about the size of your standard business card, but that’s only a little smaller than the size of my standard comic panel, so drawing on something that small is natural to me.

Mich had originally suggested to me that I try the sketch cards as a little something extra to offer for sale while working at my artist table at cons. But apparently there’s a lot more I could do with sketch cards, and I have to admit, I’m sort off addicted to them now after having drawn a handful. Here are some samples of what I’ve done so far:





The mustaches were inspired by my new zine, “Mustachequerade.” I start work on issue two of “Mustachequerade” this weekend, and plan to offer it for sale at Farpoint next month, along with what I have left of issue one.

So what do you think? Do you like the sketch card art? Let me know!

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