Freak Friday Flashback Edition! Deer in the Woods

Welcome back to Freak Friday Flashback Edition! This sketch is pulled from the same notebook as last week’s, and looking at it gives me a pretty good idea of where both sketches may have been drawn. My dad owned land in Arkansas, and one particular summer in my early teens we went down there to camp for a week or so. I’m pretty certain I did NOT see this deer, but I probably did see the trees and dead logs I drew. I may even have a picture somewhere of me bent very intently over my sketch pad, drawing furiously, probably wishing a real deer would stop by so I could say I drew it.

Let me know what you think of Freak Friday Flashback Edition. Do you think it’s a fun idea, or are you bored to tears with my pathetic teenage artwork? I’ve got some even older stuff, and lots of it, so there’s plenty more I’m going to post, whether you like it or not!

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