Freaky Friday! The Cynical Woman Store is Live and Very Scary Comes Back from the Dead

I wanted to get some news out today. You may or may not have noticed the tasteful entry in our list of links below the header graphic. It says “Shop” and that’s exactly what it’s for. I set up a Zazzle shop this month and have been slowly adding product to it. Right now, there are only four products up, but I will be expanding on that. I am already working on a zombie Christmas card and have plans for a steampunk holiday card as well.

In addition to the set up of the Zazzle shop, I have also resurrected the Very Scary Art blog. I had only meant to take a little time off from the blog to give me a chance to catch up on other work, but ended up being away for five months instead. That’s five months too long, and I’ve already slapped myself on the hand and cried, “Bad blogger! Bad, bad blogger!” I’m making changes to how I do the blog posts to make it easier for me to continue working on Very Scary. Meanwhile, our first new blog post in months is now up at Very Scary. Go take a look!

And, um, that’s it. That’s all the news I’ve got. I’m getting back into my regular blogging schedule and will be working on writing today at the public library. I have some interesting projects in the works and I will see next week if I can get a WIP Wednesday post up so you can all see what I’m working on.

Now go SHOP!

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