WIP Wednesday – The Cookie Thief again

WIP – “The Cookie Thief” by Helen E. H. Madden

I keep working on this a little bit at a time and I think it’s coming along well. It’s certainly not bad for my first real digital painting. By ‘digital painting’ I mean a work of digital art that I draw and paint in the computer using tools and brush strokes that mimic traditional painting like oils or acrylics. Yes, the stuff that’s been showing up on my Freaky Friday posts is also digital painting, but I consider that more cartooning, which is it’s own weird beast in the realm of digital art. At least it is to me anyway.

I decided to add another jar to the background. I have no idea what should go in it yet. Nor do I think I’m quite finished with the background, though I don’t know what else to add. I may just concentrate on finishing up the two jars and then leave it at that. I can always work on more complicated paintings later on.

Working in Brushes on the iPad has been great, but I’ve discovered that I can only seem to focus on painting digitally for a few minutes at a time. Unless it’s cartoons, and that’s because with the cartoons, I know what I’m doing. With the digital painting, I’m really just feeling my way around in the dark, and I think I keep losing focus after a short time because I really don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Or rather, I don’t have much confidence in what I’m doing. I’ll keep at it though. I think this particular image looks promising so far.

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