ACW Episode 101 – My Husband, the Rocket Scientist

This never fails to happen. I will be flat out exhausted, brain totally fried, and the Hubster, who has not one but TWO degrees in aerospace engineering, will come along to discuss the latest fascinating scientific theory he’s read about or project he’s working on. And he must talk to me about it in great length.

He did this to me last week, and I couldn’t help but slowly try to edge my way out of the room. I love the man and I’m glad he’s so smart, but I have been so swamped with work these past two months and it’s only getting worse. Friday evening was not the time to explain to me how space can be “quantized” into eleven dimensions. Or something like that.

Anyway, I’m busting ass these days, trying to stay ahead of the rising tide of work. I’m hoping to keep on schedule with the cartoons and blog posts, but if I don’t, you know what happened.

My brain ran away. And I ran away with it!

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  1. There’s a nifty video explaining the 11 dimension thing….

  2. I get yelled at for Pulling A Hubster (as it shall now be called) at least three times a week.

  3. My dear Mer,

    I don’t yell at the Hubster. I just slowly tune out and start to drool a bit until he notices that my eyes have glazed over and “Elvis has left the building.” I just think it’s very funny that he only seems to do this when I’m dead tired, and this latest incident was just classic in terms of “Pulling A Hubster.” Eleven dimensions?! Yeesh, I can barely deal with three.

  4. Mich,

    When I once again have more than two brain cells to rub together, I will look at that video. Until then, I’m sticking with “Sponge Bob!”

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