Rats! Episode 49 – He’s Got the Power!

Nothing seems stranger, or perhaps sillier, than a freshman about to become a sophomore. It just seems so unreal to watch a rat become an upper classman. And yes, I include myself in this. I felt ridiculous suddenly being an upper classman. I mean come on! Who are we kidding?! I barely survived being a rat, and now people are telling me I’m ready to lord it over other rats?!

Irwin Ratt is probably the best reflection of me there is. Charlie Brown was Charles Schultz, Irwin was me. Everything he went through, I went through. Yes, Irwin is male and I’m female, but still, he was me and I was him. And many days, I still feel like Irwin Ratt, completely unprepared to deal with whatever life throws at me. Ah well, I’ll bungle through it all somehow.

Next week is the last strip drawn for my freshman year. I keep think there should be more, because the Collegiate Times ran twice a week almost every week between September and May. I’ll have to do some math and see. But I can’t find any more cartoons with that year written on them, so I guess that’s that.

Hope everyone at Tech is having fun. I’m swamped with work but struggling through it. I can’t wait until March. Hopefully by then I’ll be able to catch a break. I’ll do my best to keep up with the comics through it all, but if for some reason I skip a week, my apologies. It’s just that real life does tend to interfere.

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