ACW Episode 100 – Snow Balls!

Oh good god. Have I actually drawn 100 strips? I can’t quite believe it. And yet here we are, at the 100th episode of “The Adventures of Cynical Woman.”

So now what do I do?

Keep drawing, obviously. I’m still having fun with this. If nothing else, it’s a fun way to document what goes on in my family. Perhaps years from now when I am old and grey and in the nursing home, my children will pull out these cartoons and show them to their children, who will then nod sagely and say, “Yeah, that explains a lot about this family.”

In any event, we had snow the day after Christmas, a good 12 inches of it. It was a bit of a surprise to me, and I wish I had cleared more work stuff off my plate so I could spend more time outside with the kids playing in the freezing white stuff. I did get out a couple times, but usually by the time I did, the girls were already done and wanted to come back in for hot chocolate. Still, we did have a snowball fight or two. But the Hubster was really eager to get out there. He build our cock-eyed snow man all by himself even…

From left to right, that’s Pixie, Princess, the cock-eyed snow man, the Hubster, my sister and me. I still don’t know what the snow man was looking at, and now he’s all melted, so he’ll never tell.

In addition to building a snow man, the Hubster also built Snowhenge in the big lot behind our house. Will have to see if I can find that picture. And he had snowball fights with the girls. I was on my way out to join then when Pixie came in snuffling and fussing about how Daddy hit her with a snow ball. Poor baby! But all he did was drop it on her and she asked him to do it, so…

Any way, one of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to take a whole day off next time it snows. I want to bake, read, draw, and play outside. Screw working while there’s snow on the ground. I got better things to do on a cold winter day!

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  1. Found your blog via your comment on The Glowing Edge. That photograph of the snowman and your family is hysterical.

  2. Margaret,

    I don’t know why, but every time the Hubster makes a snowman, it always ends up leaning in one direction or another. Two years ago, we had one end up in the “downward facing dog” yoga pose – completely bent forward in half, head and stick arms touching the ground, snowy butt up in the air. It’s just one more bit of family tradition/weirdness, I suppose.

    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment! Lisa’s blog is awesome!

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