WIP Wednesday – The Cookie Thief

I’m still having far too much fun with my iPad, this time with an art program called Brushes. It’s rather different from ArtRage, in that I’m having an easier time producing oil paint style artwork. Below is an image I’m currently working on called “The Cookie Thief.”

I will admit, Brushes is easier to use, but unlike ArtRage, the image changes a bit when I transfer it from my iPad to my desktop computer. That’s okay though, because apparently I can send a movie version of the image to the desktop and then use Brush’s playback software to recreate the image at a larger resolution, which will then allow me to work on the final in Photoshop on the computer. Oh, and I’d also be able to show that movie as an AVI or similar format so people could see how the work progressed from start to finish. I like that idea a lot.

Anyway, that’s one of the things I’m currently working on. I hope I get this one done soon 😉

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  1. I always knew there were gremlins stealing the cookies! I just wish they wouldn’t rub them on my hips after-the-fact!

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