Move It Mama Monday! Progress?

Well, it’s been about four weeks since I got my iPad and the LiveStrong calorie counter app, and it’s been four weeks since I started hopping onto the Hubster’s elliptical machine almost everyday to burn up excess calories. Have I seen any progress in that time?

Yes. Yes, I think I have.

I weighed myself on Sunday and was surprised to see a number on the scale I didn’t think I would ever see again. Frankly, it looks like my weight is down by about 5 lbs., though I’m a little hesitant to say this weight loss is permanent. I want to lose another five before I start celebrating.

However, I have seen some other changes that make me think I’m on track to getting back to my normal (or what used to be normal) weight. Mainly, I’ve discovered that tracking what I eat has made me very conscious of things like portion size and how frequently I snack. I’ve started eating less simply because I know I’ll have to enter everything I consume into the calorie counter, and I hate seeing my goal for the day broken because I just couldn’t resist that one little candy bar. So snacking is down.

Meanwhile exercise is up! I can eat a little more if I burn a little more, so I’ve been extra vigilant about getting up very early and hopping onto the elliptical for 30 minutes to burn some calories. I’d like to do more exercise during the day after that, but between schedule issues and the house being in total chaos while my floor is being tiled, that hasn’t been possible. Still, those issues should be sorted out soon and I’ll be back to doing more swimming, karate, yoga, water aerobics, etc., while also getting that morning burn from the elliptical.

For those of you who think I’m already thin enough, thank you. I know a lot of folks look at me and say, “You’re too damn skinny already! Stop it!” Well, I am in fairly good shape. My only concern is how well I fit into my jeans. When the jeans get snug, I get uncomfortable, and I hate that. Plus, I’m too damn cheap to buy new jeans, so I have to continue to fit into the old ones. So don’t worry, I won’t lose too much weight. Just enough to make sure I don’t have to buy new clothes anytime soon 😉

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  1. Good on ya for getting your butt in gear and working off the extra pounds.

    People say “You’re skinny enough already” to me too, but I’m with you, it’s about the fit of my clothes. Much also depends on how much sucking for air I have to do in my sport — that’s damned embarrassing. So I hitch up my britches and get back on the treadmill for more of the dreaded interval sprints.

    I say use whatever motivation works!

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