Move It Mama Monday! I am a slug

Ugh. It’s Monday. I’ve had insomnia the last three nights and last week I had some weird virus thingy that pretty much sucked the life out of me and left me with aching joints, a sore throat and the chills. All of which has added up to a week with no exercise. No karate, no water aerobics, no Just Dance… Nada, zip, bupkis.

The last exercise I did was on last Monday when I went to the Y for my weekly swim. I got in a good 15 laps. Then on Tuesday I was feeling sort of puny. As I was getting ready for karate class, my stomach kicked in and said, “Oh no you don’t!” So I ended up putting my gi back in the closet and spending the rest of the day in bed. Honestly, it wasn’t a major bout of the flu. It was just this annoying sense of feeling unwell, accompanied by the aches and chills. Just enough to knock me out of my game, but not enough to leave me feeling guilt-free about not exercising. I kept thinking all last week that I’d get right back into the exercise mode because I really didn’t feel all that lousy. Just a little off. But then another symptom would pop up – sore throat, head ache, mild stomach cramps – and there I’d be lying in bed again, not wanting to do a damn thing, let alone exercise.

Then the insomnia hit. It’s a hormonal thing, apparently, timed with my menstrual cycle. This means I can sort of predict when it will happen, but have no cure for it. I tried an over-the-counter sleep aid. All that did was leave me groggy and useless the next day. I tried just lying in bed. I was awake for hours and ended up groggy and useless again the next day. I know I ought to just get up and do something until I feel sleepy, but I’m afraid that would leave me even more wide awake, and I’m so tired I really don’t want to drag my sorry ass out of bed. I just want to lie there, and hope the Hubster doesn’t flop onto his back and start snoring like a bear again.

Anyway, I’ve just finished up my work for the morning and I’m contemplating what to do next. Should I exercise? Should I just curl up and nap? Decisions, decisions.

Let’s see if I can’t force myself through a few rounds of Just Dance, maybe a little stretching. Then I’ll take a hot bath and nap for a bit. Or maybe, I’ll actually wake up and do something useful. We’ll see.

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