ACW Episode 89 – Choices, choices…

So last week I had this weird virus thingy I was dealing with – aches and pains, a slightly sore throat, no energy whatsoever. Then just as I was getting over that, I got hit with a lovely, simply LOVELY case of insomnia. Three nights of staring at the ceiling, elbowing the Hubster in the ribs every time he flopped onto his back and started to snore. I just live for nights like that.

Not. I’m supposed to be up at 5AM most mornings to get a jump on work, and you know that between the virus thingy and the insomnia, that just didn’t happen. So now I’m scrambling to play catch up. Last night was the first decent night of sleep I’ve had in a while, and I’m groggy this morning, but at least I feel somewhat human. Come 5PM, I’ll probably be feeling more like that eggplant in panel one.

Hope you all have a good day and a good night’s sleep! I got to get on with my work.

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Cartoonist, Artist, Geek, Evil Crafter, Girl Scout Troop Leader and Writer. Also, a zombie. I haven't slept in I don't know how long.
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