Sunday Contentments – Kittens and a rock concert

It’s a beautiful lazy Sunday morning here in La Casa de Madden. Here is a list of things that have me humming happily along…

I slept in until I actually felt like waking up, as opposed to crawling out of bed at the command of the early morning alarm clock.

I got to canoodle with the Hubster.

I went for a 30 min run/walk in my nifty new Vibram shoes. I’m up to 5 minutes of running at a time, with only a minute of walking in between bouts of running. And still no knee and hip pain!

I’ve got kittens crawling all over me. Hiccup and Toothless keep rubbing up against me and purring this morning. They’ve hit that adolescent stage, and are looking pretty danged handsome. I’d post a picture of those two rapscallions, but they never stand still long enough for me to snap a shot!

We’re going to Busch Gardens this afternoon to see the B-52s in concert! I love the B-52s. The girls and Hubster love the B-52s. It’s the first rock concert we’ve ever taken the kids to, and I have a feeling they’re really going to enjoy it!

The house is quiet, and I had my coffee and the morning paper. The peace and quiet are good.

I’m reading an outstanding book right now. I can’t share the title with you… yet. It hasn’t been published yet, and I’m reading it for work-related reasons, but I’m enjoying the hell out of it and will be pimping it to the high heavens when it’s finally published this fall.

Lots of stuff going on that make me feel good. Now to take a shower and start getting ready for the concert. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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