Move It Mama Monday! For your information…

Just so you know…

After a couple of weeks with the new Vibram shoes, I am now running up to 5 minutes at a time, with a minute of walking in between. I still get sore in my calves, but again, knee and hip pain is at a minimum.

Just Dance 2 comes out this October! Up to 40 new songs and apparently 8 people can play at a time, though I don’t know all the details on it yet. I will say that if James Brown’s “I Feel Good” isn’t one of those new songs, I will be sorely disappointed, especially after seeing this promo video.

Finally, an hour-long B-52s concert counts as three cardio-vascular workouts, so this mama does not plan to move anything today. I shook my cosmic thing so hard last night, I wore it out.

And that’s the news on the Move It Mama Monday front for this week. Ciao!

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