Rats! Episode 25 – When things get tight

Beware the dreaded Freshman 15! I actually did not gain much weight while I was in college. Maybe a grand total of 5 pounds over the course of 4 years, which really isn’t much at all. It was all that running and those early morning PT sessions, plus spending all day hiking from one end of the Virginia Tech campus to another that did the trick. These days I’m not nearly as active, unfortunately, though I try.

Some cadets I knew, however, did manage to pack on the weight, which made life interesting when their uniforms started to not fit. It didn’t happen to people often, but when it did, watch out! You could lose an eye when a shirt button popped. Plus, sometimes uniforms shrank. They were made of wool, after all.

I’m still trying to get back on track after the weeklong deadly stomach virus I had last month. I’m almost there, but just when I think I’m about to catch up, something happens. More work comes through the door (paying work is good, but it keeps me hopping!), or one of the kids gets sick, or we go on a trip… Honestly, life was much easier when I was a cadet. Seriously. To all you college cadets out there reading these cartoons, appreciate the life you have while you’ve got it, because when you have a spouse and kids and a house to take care of, things get a little more complicated. Trust me on this.

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