ACW Episode 74 – Fireworks

Our version of fireworks this summer. We’ve got a lot more fireflies this year than we did last year, and we’ve been counting them for the Museum of Science firefly count. The girls are fascinated by the fireflies, and if I could quit finding caterpillars long enough, I’d let them catch a few to put in a jar for a bit. However, we’ve got so many caterpillars, every available jar is currently in use as a habitat. Oh well.

Yes, this cartoon is in full color. No, I do not plan to make the switch to full color on a regular basis. It took me hours to color this one, and I only did it because I wanted to recreate the effect of so many fireflies in our backyard. And because this is sort of a belated 4th of July cartoon. I’m finishing this up very late and am going to bed now. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but tomorrow I’ve got to be up at 5AM for water aerobics. So good night for now and I hope you enjoy the cartoon.

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