ACW Episode 68 – Say what?!

As opposed to the non-feral ones, you mean?

What kills me about this one is the word ‘feral.’ What the hell does that have to do with Egyptian queens? I swear, at any given moment one of my kids will say the strangest damned thing I’ve ever heard. When Princess was about 18 months old, she talked about tiny nipples floating to the sky. Pixie sings about rotten tomatoes and her eyeballs falling out. And then the two of them get together to play “Let’s Pretend” and I wonder if I should have them both medicated based on what I overhear during the course of their play.

I’m sure there will be plenty more of these “Say what?!” cartoons coming in the future. Pixie and Princess have dropped some seriously deranged one-liners on me lately, and on more than one occasion have caused me to spew Darjeeling through my nose. So be warned. It only gets weirder from here.

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  1. Oh, ain’t THIS the truth. My two girls say some of the most outrageously humorous things … sometimes on purpose.

    The most memorable was from my 11yr old. As we were driving the other day she curled her hands into a fair approximation of claws and announced loudly in a maniacal tone, “What is that horrendous stench?! … Smells like … smells like … ” and we’re all waiting for her to finish with “teen spirit” but she ends with “… smells like … Giant Mongolian Sandworm in Heat!”


    Yeah. 11.

    She’ll be at BaltiCon with her old man one of the these years.

  2. Nate,

    I can’t wait to meet your daughter! She sounds like someone I could relate to. Giant Mongolian Sandworm in heat! LOL!

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