Move It Mama Monday! Sleep, it’s important


I was really doing pretty good keeping up with my early morning workout schedule. Got up every morning for 3 weeks straight at around 5:30AM and exercised either to Walk It Out! on the Wii or made it outside for a walk and karate practice. I was really doing good.

Then I took off three mornings in a row.

I usually plan to take off one morning a week, Sunday, so I can sleep in and snuggle with the Hubster. If I didn’t do that, I’d never get any quality time alone with him. But three mornings in a row?? I was doing so well. What happened to me?!

In a single word, sleep. Or rather, lack thereof. I blame it on my desire to watch TV. Usually, I only watch an hour or two a week, but right now LOST, Flash Forward, and Dr. Who are playing new episodes, plus Hubster has started watching John Stewart, and honestly you really can’t watch Dr. Who without watching Graham Norton afterward, and…

So my TV time shot up dramatically this week. Bad Helen, bad!

I’m planning to cut back my TV watching to Friday and Saturday again, if I can. I simply can’t stay up until 11PM every night and then try to get up at 5:30 the next morning. It don’t work, folks! I feel half dead if I don’t get eight hours of sleep, and I don’t like feeling half dead. It’s a feeling that hangs with me all day long and makes me extremely unfun to be around. Ask my kids. They’ll tell you.

So the plan this week is to only stay up late one night (hey, the series finally of LOST is this Tuesday, and I’m not missing that!) and then not stay up late again until Friday night when I’m not going to have much choice because we’re hosting a sleepover which is a contradiction in terms. And after this week, save the late nights for Friday and Saturday only because I really truly need to get in those early morning workouts. After all, I’ve got a belt test coming up at the end of summer.

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