Rats! Episode 19 – First Aid

So I know I said last week that there were more Great General Pumpkin cartoons coming up, and there should have been but for the life of me, I can’t find them! I know I have them. I’ve seen them! But they weren’t in my Year 01 or Year 02 folder, and it’s too late at this point for me to hunt them down.

Therefore, we move on to first aid. In Army ROTC, the junior and senior cadets were expected to teach classes on common tasks to the freshmen and sophomores. First aid was one of those subjects. I tell you, there’s nothing like standing in front of a bunch of freshmen, struggling to remember the symptoms for shock or how to splint a broken leg while your ROTC instructor is standing behind you with a clip board grading every little thing you do. And it doesn’t get any easier because once you actually get into the Army (or the Air Force or the Navy or the Marines), you must continue to teach other folks how to do things like this. In fact, one of my jobs in the Army Reserves was training officer. Not only did I have to teach class, but I also had to put together the training plan for the entire unit every single month. Not an easy task to do.

Anyway, it was always kind of fun to be a freshman watching the upper classmen try to run a class, but not so much fun a couple years down the line when it was your turn to teach someone else.

I’ll keep looking for the Great General Pumpkin cartoons. I know I have them somewhere. But if I don’t find them, we’ll continue on with the Army ROTC cartoons for a few weeks, ‘kay?

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