Episode 08 – What I write about

I’m late, I know. I had to check the URL that I included in the cartoon. This is both a true story and a bit of shameless promotion for a project that has become near and dear to my heart. Coming Together is a series of erotica anthologies put together and sold for charitable causes. I have a story in Coming Together: With Pride. The proceeds go to AVERT.org to support HIV and AIDS research. There are a number of other books in the series, some of them award winners, all of them good anthologies put together for good causes. You can find out more at the Coming Together website. Alessia Brio, the editor, will be a guest tomorrow night on Passion Internet Voices Radio. That’ll be at 9PM-11PM EASTERN time. She’ll be playing audio excerpts of some of the stories, including mine, and some of the writers will be joining her for interviews. If I still have a voice tomorrow after fighting with a nasty cold, I’ll be there.

I’ll get to work on another cartoon right away, I promise. It looks like it’ll be a couple more weeks before I’ve got a website set up for the cartoons, but once it’s up, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

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