Episode 07 – More Freaks vs. normal moms

Does this sort of thing really happen to me? Yes and no. I’ve done the stand up and announce I’m an erotica writer bit, but most people don’t seem to want to confront me about it. Apparently I intimidate a lot of folks. I have no idea why. I’m a really nice person. I am. Stop laughing. I know where you live.

I noticed today that Google’s Picassa will not put these toons in order, so if I’m doing a series, like I am right now, they’re going to be all jumbled up. But that’s okay. I’ve taken steps toward getting a web comic account set up, and by next week, I should have a page dedicated to just the comic strips. I’ll link to that page from here and from my erotica website, and probably from my podcast, so that wherever people find me, they can go look for the comics as well and find them all in one place. The web comic page should have a nice archiving function that will let people scroll through the comics by calendar dates. But that will happen next week. For now, enjoy the mixed up mish-mash on Picassa!

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