My Child Understands Me

Yesterday during ‘Quiet Time,’ Cassie came into my room cradling something tiny in the palm of her hand. She handed it to me with great ceremony and said, “Mommy this is a dead bug. I found it for you, because I know you like to take pictures of bugs.”

Then she handed me a dead housefly. I was so touched. I really do like to take pictures of bugs using the macro setting on my digital camera. I also take close up shots of tree bark, leaves, roots, rocks, peeling pain, rust stains, and other weird-ass things that I know will make great textures in my digital artwork.

I saved the fly. It’s still somewhere on my desk. If I can find it among all the odds and ends, I’ll pop it into the scanner and scan it at 200%. It was in pretty good shape. Cassie did a good job finding it.

And yes, I know. We’re both freaks.

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  1. Emily Veinglory

    I took a gorgeous picture of two wasps feeding of a cicada today. Not many people would understand….

  2. But I would understand. And so would my kid.

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