ACW Episode 286 – An Important Fact About Cats


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Sing it with me folks. “My cat has fleas!” Or rather, my CATS have fleas. All three of them. Do you know how hard it is to wash three cats? There’s a lot of bleeding involved. A LOT of bleeding.

At least the kitties smell nice when the baths are done. Not that they’ll let me get close enough to snuggle after I’ve dunked them in water, scrubbed them with soap, and dunked them again. But that’s okay. I need the time to clean myself up anyway. Don’t want to bleed all over my freshly cleaned kitties.

Creature Comforts – Day 29, Kitten Cuddles


Kitten Cuddles!

She is my constant couch companion.

I took another sick day today. I did feel better today, but deliberately kept my activity level low key. Even so, I had to get some volunteer work done today, both for Girl Scouts and the school. That kept me off the couch most of the day, but while I was on the couch, a certain fuzzy orange someone kept me company.

I’m not sure when Marmalade decided the couch and its occupying laps were her domain, but anytime anyone sits on the couch, she’s there, right in the lap. I can type on top of her, draw webcomics on top of her, and crochet entire blankets on top of her. She will not move. She is one with the lap and the couch, and she’s probably happiest that way.

ACW Episode 285 – A Belated Christmas


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It took me soooooooooooo long to finish this, and for no other reason that I simply could not get my act together for the last month. And I’m still not able to get my act together, but I’ll keep plugging along anyway.

I should have another Creature Comforts post up tonight. It’s in the works right now!

Krampus Challenge – Day 17, Krampus Kitty in a Hat!


Krampus Kitten!

“I will have my revenge for this, human.”

I’m almost finished with another shrunken elf head. I had hoped to be further along, but today turned out to be a busy day. Among other thing, I had 7 loads of laundry to get folded. I have decided that laundry is probably the ultimate Krampus present. It’s that gift that never stops giving, unfortunately.

I plan to finish off this elf head and the second Krampus raven tomorrow. Aftert that, we’ll see what I get done next!

Krampus Challenge – Day 09, I’ll show you some progress!

Finally, a Krampus Kat approves of my progress on the Krampus Kowl.


Krampus Kat approves!

“Yes, human. I will accept this paltry offering as a blanket.

Well, maybe that look on Marmie’s face isn’t exactly approval, but it ain’t rejection either! I spent most of today bouncing between crochet and doing laundry, the result being I am now 2/3 the way through both tasks. I have a couple more loads of laundry to do, and another 24 rows to crochet on the cowl. I want this damned thing done! I like it, and I love how it’s turning out, but I do have other things I want to make this month! Like another Krampus Raven! And this really cook idea I have for an ornament to give away to all those deserving of the Krampus spirit! You know who you are! And yer gettin’whatcha deserve!

We’ll see if I can get this cowl finished by tomorrow, or maybe by the end of the day Friday. I have Girl Scouts coming over this weekend to spend a day cooking, so I know I won’t have a lot of time to craft then, but we’ll see what I can make happen. Until tomorrow then, good night!

Krampus Challenge – Day 08, Krampus Kat judges me


Krampus Kat makes me cry!

“Get this thing off me! I refuse to pose with your half-assed attempts at crochet!”

It’s official. Kats are THE animal of Krampus time. Hiccup said some very not-so-nice things to me when I tried to get him to pose with my Krampus Kowl, even though I did make a lot of progress on it today. Apparently he is dsappointed that I did not get anything else done today. Like feed him lots of treats. Now he’s threatening to leave something very unpleasant in my stocking this Christmas. Very, very unpleasant…

Krampus Challenge – Day 06, Look! Up in the sky!

Is it a bird?! Is it a plane?! Why, no! It’s….

Krampus Kitty


I know Krampus is part goat, but I think the official animal of Krampus time should be a cat. Just saying.

And no, still haven’t started on the second bird yet. I got waylaid by holiday planninand shopping this evening. Ugh!

October Crochet – Day 11, More Nautilus Shawl


Jelly Bean!

It’s Jelly Bean’s turn to model!

This is a real quick post. I got another couple rounds done on the Nautilus shawl today. I ran into a knot in the yarn and had to figure out how to join this kind of yarn. I’m slowly spiraling my way back around to the join, so we’ll see tomorrow how well I did.

Jelly Bean is our Halloween cat and danged if she doesn’t look like a Sears Portrait Studio model in this photo. She’s a mix of grey and orange tabby, a coloration that’s called a torbie or patched tabby because her colors switch back and forth like a calico’s patches. I love how her little orange mask just fades into browngirl  and then grey and black stripes.

I’ve got a lot going on with Girl Scouts this week and next, and I’m going to be very busy preparing for our troop’s Murder Mystery Party. Last year, the girls killed me. This year, we’re killing the Hubster. Fun times.